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Accelerating Your Mastery by the Andromedans

We, the Andromedan consciousness, light and love come forth with a purpose of assisting your inner awakening and remembrance. We wish to support you in developing your inner mastery thus accelerating your ascension………………….


Violet Flame Upgrade by the Violet Flame

I am the Consciousness of the Violet Flame. In the same way that you are an essence of the Creator taking form, so am I. I take the form of the Violet Flame of Transmutation supporting the release of negative, stagnant and unneeded energies to further aid your healing and ascension process of the Earth. I am an energy consciousness that you can call upon whether you are…………………

The Next Ascension Phase: United Consciousness by Master Serapis Bey

I, Master Serapis Bey, am holding the Ascension light for you now. I do so in order to assist you in the next phase of your ascension. With the presence of your soul more fully embodied within your being and merging with your personality, a deep and thorough cleansing is being activated. Purification and cleansing are common in your ascension process; each new revelation invites you to let go of old energies, habits or perspectives in order to make space for the new realisations to be embodied……………..

Healing the Emptiness Within by the Pleiadian Consciousness Channeled through Natalie Glasson

We, the Pleiadians Consciousness, come forth in love and truth to greet you. We bring forth the energy and light of our civilisation to support you in your period of ascension. As a being upon the Earth, you are not alone, your consciousness is connected to all aspects of the Creator, and all aspects of the Creator are connected with you. This is an aspect of ascension which is dawning now; there is a duality within your ascension which requires to be dissolved so that truth may manifest for…………….

London Channeled Workshop – Becoming a Christ Consciousness High Functioning Being

Raise Your Energy Vibration and Allow Yourself to Blossom

Connecting with your soul and Christ consciousness to heighten the senses, abilities and natural functioning of your entire being!

Create the appropriate conditions within your being for ascension awakening and advancement to aid and support your existence of your physical body and soul on the Earth.

With Lady Pallas Athena (Chohan of the 12th Ray of Light)

Channelled Workshop through Natalie Glasson

Saturday 4th March 2017 10am- 5pm approx

Lancaster Gate, London, UK.