Your Ecstatic Nature by the Celestial White Beings

A download of energy is preparing to flow through your being as requested by your soul and higher aspects. White pearlescent energy will channel through your being vibrating at a quick speed as it moves through you. As the white pearlescent light touches the energy of Mother Earth, it expands outwards from below your feet creating the most beautiful waves of colour as if a blanket of flowers has manifested. …………………


Channeled Messages – Your Ecstatic Nature by the Celestial White Beings – Channeling – YouTube

Your Ecstatic Nature by the Celestial White Beings Channeled through Natalie Glasson – 23rd Feb…

The Abundance of Your Inner Clarity by Master Sananda

Loving blessings extend from my being as I come forth emitting the inner most vibrations of clarity of my being. Clarity is the truth of the Creator in action. Each soul can access and has the ability to deliver forth the clarity of the Creator. Each soul can embody the clarity of the Creator because it is the essence of your being, there is simply a need to understand and connect with this sacred energy that describes the truth of the Creator. When you access the Creator’s clarity within your being………………

The Three Stages of Soul Cleansing by Lady Nada

As the overseer of the cleansing energy and vibrations of the Creator’s light, I, Lady Nada, come forth to share with you the exquisite cleansing and awakening which is taking place within the souls of many upon the Earth. The ascension process is moving so fast currently that it is difficult for many to keep track of the shifts …………………….

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