Returning to Your Divine Innocence with the Christ Consciousness

With Mary Magdalene and Sar’h
Online Webinar Course
Channelled through Natalie Glasson

Mary Magdalene and Sar’h invite you to join them as they share the Christ Consciousness teachings of the Divine Goddess. These teachings guide you in returning to the innocence of the Christ Consciousness, your Divine Feminine Essence and the Creator. Discovering the innocence of pure love within and around you is the priority of Mary Magdalene and Sar’h. As you reconnect yourself with the pure innocence of every aspect of your being you discover the innocence of your soul, soul group and the Creator at the very core of your existence and essence. This core and pure innocence is your power and strength to support your ascension and to aid your further creation of the Era of Love upon the Earth for you and all.


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