How To Communicate With Your Soul | Sacred School of Om Na

Six Steps to Encourage and Develop Your Communication with Your Soul

from Lord Merlin

In Capsule of Wisdom No 114 Lord Merlin supports you in communicating, connecting with and experiencing your soul. Lord Merlin shares six simple steps which can be practiced daily to encourage and develop your awareness of your soul’s presence, guidance and wisdom. Whether you experience difficulty in communicating with your soul or experience a strong connection with your soul, Lord Merlin’s teaching will support and be of service to you. In the sixth step Lord Merlin brings forth a meditation which encourages the awakening and purification of your Causal Chakra, Third Eye Chakra and your Subconscious Mind. The Lord uses his own healing and magical energies as well as calling upon the assistance of the Elementals, leading you into a space and awareness which supports your communion with your soul.


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