Capsules of Wisdom from Archangel Metatron and Friends – Natalie Om NaSacred School of Om Na

Embodying Cosmic Programming and Your True Cosmic Self

Reconnecting with the truth and essence of your being

from Mahatma, Cosmic Logos and Avatar of Synthesis

The beautiful high vibrational consciousness of Mahatma graces us with support, love and divine inspiration in Capsule of Wisdom No 113. Mahatma is the Cosmic Logos, the overseer of the Cosmic Level and guardian of pure Creator truth. Mahatma encourages us to reconnect with our true self/cosmic self/ divine essence in order to empower our soul, with the purpose of dissolving negative programming connected to separation and lack. The Avatar of Synthesis encourages us to experience the Mahatma energy, accepting Cosmic programming from the Cosmic Council of Twelve as well as revealing to us our true self. Mahatma’s purpose is to reunite us with the Creator especially encouraging us to recognise our eternal unity with the Creator in our mind, beliefs and thought processes.


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