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The Jewels of Your Relationship with the Earth
Your relationship and journey with Mother Earth is a part of your ascension and expression of the Creator, it is time to explore this sacred relationship in greater depth
With Mother Earth

Channelled through Natalie Glasson
Live Online: 22nd, 29th March and 5th April 2018 – 7pm-8pm UK Time

Online Webinar Course………………


The Twelve Rays of Light Book | Sacred School of Om Na

Understand the Twelve Rays of Light. Though commonly spoken of, the wealth of knowledge that they hold is very rarely comprehended or utilised. Learn how they could transform your life and enhance your spiritual progression.

Liberate yourself from the cycle of life and merge once more with the infinite aspect of your soul and the Creator by working diligently with the Twelve Rays. Through study of and integration with the rays and spiritual hierarchy, you will discover the keys to your own ascension process on the Earth………………………

White Beacons of Atlantis | Sacred School of Om Na

You are souls who has experienced Atlantis and returned to Earth in your current reality to complete the cycle and purpose of Atlantis; to embody your divine self and to enable machines, technology, and inner spiritual discovery to exist harmoniously. The conflict between spirit and technology led to the fall of Atlantis, and that experience is still held within your soul and consciousness. Earth and humanity have reached a pinnacle point that is identical to that of the decline of Atlantis. You have the power to complete the purpose of all Atlanteans by creating healing and freedom while erasing the catastrophic effects Atlantis imprinted on all civilizations that followed it. Now is time to heal Atlantis within you and to manifest an era of love, peace, and unity as you fulfill your original Atlantean contract.

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